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Vistas for the Development of Swiss-Russian Relations at the example of Swiss-Rus.ru Project

SWISS-RUS is a major Swiss-Russian information business portal in the Russian language founded by a Swiss company in Russia. The Portal is a platform where the latest news about Switzerland and Swiss-Russian relations is published. It also includes: a unique catalogue of Swiss companies and their technologies, a regularly updated list of events and activities in Switzerland, and a section on cooperation projects and business proposals between Switzerland and Russia.

There can be a reasonable question: “What is this all about?”- from the Russian community, to which we can reply that this portal is an on-line “bridge” between the two worlds: Switzerland and Russia. This idea came to the heads of the founders of this portal after assessing the needs for cooperation of these two markets. Interestingly, this on-line portal is a mirror of a company from Neuchatel, which works towards facilitating the way for Swiss companies onto the Russian market and raises the popularity of these companies by means of creating unique content at the website everyday.

Business is the basis for the project

SWISS-RUS pays a lot of attention to the quality of content and is focused on business, industry, economy, innovation and specific companies. As a result, the audience of the portal is varied: entrepreneurs and owners, investors and businesspeople, top managers and CEOs, government officials and politicians as well as consultants and professors from universities. SWISS-RUS portal is open for every one, and there are various types of cooperation with various partners possible. Are you interested in promoting your business for the Russian speaking audience? Are you organizing an activity that might interest the Russian-Swiss community? Are you a journalist or a professional from Switzerland and specialize in the Russian-Swiss relations? Are you an expert in business, economic, political, innovative and industrial issues between Russia and Switzerland? Do you have experience of working as an expat on the Russian or the Swiss market? Are you a head of a Swiss company in Russia or of a Russian company in Switzerland? Swiss-Rus Team would be happy to work with you! Contact us at: info@swiss-rus.ru

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