Happiness as the Basis of a Good Life

They have been together for two years. He is calm and quiet, using words sparingly. She is active and dynamic. He is Swiss, she is Ukrainian. This is where the differences end, and their love story begins. In all probability, their tale is no different to that of many other couples. However, in recent times, such perfect romances appear more frequently on the screen than in real life.

These days, in the age of total war, autumnal depression and serial divorce, the beautiful love story is the exception rather than the rule. In order to help sustain the fragile buds of all that is good and bright, and to fill our readers with hope, we decided to tell one such story on these very pages.

Our protagonists, the young international couple of Liudmila and Frédéric, agreed enthusiastically to share their experience of achieving great success in their small family.

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