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Mission – Expat Switzerland

We are all anxious for success and everybody has a different vision of it. Somebody builds plants, somebody raises children or finds medicines for serious illnesses. The road of success brings some people to a particular life intersection and they find themselves in the other country. Everything in a new place is like at home, but just more difficult. Or more interesting?

Our way to success is our self-fulfilment. It means the life experience we must inevitably get through. We made it our mission to tell about people, vivid personalities, their achievements and defeats, extraordinary human lives in our magazine. This is because a person moulds himself/herself only when looking at the others. The concept of success for our magazine is stories of people who made way to it. We noticed that the way itself is not often less important than the result. The objective of this periodical is to help expats to adapt in the social environment in order to develop their capacities to the utmost, to be interesting to themselves which means to be interesting to the society.

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