Patrick Huguenin: Pay Attentions to the Signs!

“My mother was a professional iceskater, but she very much enjoyed spending time on yachts. She often told a story about how she studied for the yacht licence exam in the later stages of her pregnancy. The instructor made a comment about her driving, and she replied that if he asked her to repeat the manoeuvre, he would have to deliver the baby right there, on board the boat. It seems to me that some kind of bond was formed in those days between myself and the lake.” Thus begins Patrick Huguenin’s story.

It was probably predestined that Patrick would be a yachtsman, and for the last 15 years he has headed the company Pro‑Sаiling Management Sarl, organizing diverse events on the water.

“One day I understood: I love it. Just look at our lake – it is beautiful! All strong emotions come and go quickly, but my passion developed gradually, and now the water takes up all my time”, Patrick says.

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